December 21, 2005

Intelligent design ordered out of class

looks like Intelligent Design is off the syllabus in the States again. Good.

It is a silly conjecture that can only be classed as science, rather than bull shit, by the broadest possible definition. As for this designer how intelligent do they really think He was? Take for example vitamin C.

Dogs have a gene that allows them to generate vitamin C themselves. Humans do not, we have a partial gene. What happened? Did this designer get haft way through then get distracted by "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" on TV? Realised He had not put the bin out? Perhaps He just thought "Oh fuck it. They aren't going to be taking any long sea voyages anyway." Must have been rather embarrassing when it came to Noah.
"Take 6 of every ritually clean animal, and two of every ritually unclean animal ... and ... er ... you might want to take some Limes along as well."
"Why the Limes Oh Lord?"
"Well ... if you feel a bit you know ... off. Suck on a lime and you'll soon get better ... Don't worry about Fido though. He'll be fine."


Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, that's an interesting one. There are many such things tagged here. The one about the retinas is one I hadn't thought about before...


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